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Electrical Cable Recycling Bolton

Based in Bolton, E Platt and Sons are wholesale recyclers of scrap copper cable. We service a range of suppliers such as Electricians, Cable manufacturers, Demolition contractors and Scrap yards.

Using the latest technology and specialist machines we strip, shred and seperate metals from electrical cabling, recycling the metal contained inside for a multitude of new uses.

All cable that carries a current contains copper which can be recycled by us, as we are an end user on the cable recycling chain, you cut the middleman out and get the best possible price.

E Platt & Sons Buy Scrap Cable in Bolton North West UK
E Platt & Sons Scrap Cable Recycling in Bolton North West UK
E Platt & Sons Electrical Cable Recycling in Bolton North West UK
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Scrap Cable We Buy

Household cables

Low Grade cable

Armoured cable

Single core cable

Lead copper cable

Aluminium cable

Clean and PVC Pyro

How to Sell Scrap Cable To E Platt and Sons

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The most common metal found in electrical cables is copper, although aluminium and steel are also frequently used. Both have a lower conductivity than copper but are increasingly being used due to their lower cost. We believe in giving our customers the very best prices available on the day you request a quote. If you’ve got scrap cables lying around, bring them to us for a price or contact us below.

To sell your scrap cables you can give us a call, contact us online or bring them to our premises in Bolton. We also offer a free collection service for larger quantities of scrap metal cables. We pay some of the best prices in the North West for scrap copper cables, scrap household cables, scrap copper wires and cat 5 cables.